Dream Sequence: World Turned Upside Down



Location: Quarter No. JO-1, Cuttack, Odisha, India

I look over the house where I grew up. Ancient little place with asbestos roofs, wide front yard, wrought iron gates – a remnant of colonial times when India was under the British Raj. Eerie silence hung in the air except for the deathly screeches of a crow perched on top of a huge mango tree that provided much needed shade to our house.

From the moment I was in the dream I sensed something was amiss. A sense of foreboding haunted my mind. I look up to the sky that looked awfully strange. For a start, it wasn’t the usual blue despite the lack of clouds. A mixture of many colours scattered across the vast expanse giving the impression of a toddler’s rendition of a water colour sketch.

A giant seal emerged over the kitchen roof. It had wings of a bat. It took flight and simply glided across the sky. It looked more like floating in zero gravity.

As I stood utterly dumbstruck by what I was witnessing, our maid arrived for her daily chores.

“What are you looking at?,” she asked.

“What the..? Don’t you see it?,” I replied, clearly agitated by her nonchalant attitude.

“See what?”

“THERE! Right there! That giant seal with wings flying in the air!”

“What? No I don’t. I don’t see anything.”

She casually walked away to her work leaving me even more puzzled than I already was.

For a few moments I just stood there staring at the animal when all of a sudden a deafening noise that sounded like a giant wave crashing across a rocky cliff, almost gave me a heart attack.

I looked right above my head. The ocean was in the sky. Whales, sharks and fish of many sizes and colours, swam or flew (?) in the water that was a melange of a variety of shades.

I was horror struck. I ran inside the house to my mother and aunt who were busy cooking lunch.

“You have to come outside!” I scream at them.


“Just come outside! The world is upside down. The ocean is in the sky. Whales, sharks, seals and everything are just swimming right above our house!”

“Are you mental?,” came the reply from my mother, unsurprisingly.

“Please. Just come with me.”

I dragged my mother outside with me, blabbering like a lunatic.

And that’s when I woke up. The dream ended incomplete without me seeing how my mother would have reacted.

I see the weirdest dreams almost every night of the year but that was up there with the very best.


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