Top 5: Instrumental “Djent” Albums


Howdy Djentlemen!

Compiling a list of anything provokes controversy and disagreement. But lets be civil about this and take a moment to applaud these wonderful artistes. The albums I listed below all have a similar sound and mostly use the same elements in creating their music. Just goes to show what I usually look for in this genre. It was very very difficult to choose from the hundreds of thousands of records out there. So here it is, my top five ‘djent’ albums in no particular order. Enjoy!

Modern Day Babylon – Travelers

A seemingly exclusive Djent project from the Czech Republic, boys in Modern Day Babylon produced a masterclass in Travelers. This followed up to their earlier brilliant debut EP called Manipulation Theory. The metal elitist have issue with Travelers, citing it to be generic and the same rehash stuff you would find in every other progressive djent album but personally I found it to be great.


Widek – Outside The Universe

Widek is the solo project of Polish guitarist Maciej Dawidek. He has released three EPs and two full length albums so far. He has his own recording studio called Widek Records. The new hipster term for his music is “ambidjent”(I don’t even..). Anyway, Outside The Universe is brilliant.


Anup Sastry – Ghost

Anup Sastry is an Indian drummer and until recently was the drummer for Skyharbo, before he quit and focused on his other band, the brilliant Intervals. He is also the touring drummer for Jeff Loomis. Ghost features programmed guitar and bass but if you’re a fan of the drums, you’ve got to listen to this.


Gru – Cosmogenesis

Like Widek, Gru is a Polish guitarist. He has featured in some of the most prominent instrumental djent albums out there, most notably in Sithu Aye’s and Plini’s albums. You would certainly enjoy Cosmogenesis. Has that groovy touch to it.


Astraeus – Solipsis

Solipsis is the debut EP of Astraeus. There’s groove, there’s ambiance, the whole album incorporates every element required to make a ‘djenty’ album. Give the boys some love.



Because this is unfair. There are so many great albums out there. Even better than ones I have listed. But you have to remember that sometimes, the mind forgets. Here are some honorable mentions. If you dig this music, look out for these artistes.

  • Chimp Spanner
  • Polyphia
  • Plini
  • Sithu Aye
  • Cloud Kicker
  • Intervals
  • Owane
  • Entities
  • Auras
  • Pomegranate Tiger
  • The Helix Nebula
  • Animals As leaders
  • Scale The Summit
  • Walking Across Jupiter
  • Paul Wardingham
  • Assimilated Mind Phase
  • Jakub Zytecki
  • Spiralmountain
  • David Maxim Micic
  • Kevin Suter
  • Blotted Science
  • Reacter
  • And a thousand others who don’t come to mind at the moment.



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