Top 5: Sepp Blatter’s Most Outrageously Offensive Quotes

FIFA president Sepp Blatter

FIFA’s ethics committee announced earlier today that president Sepp Blatter, along with UEFA chief Michel Platini, have been banned from all football related activity for eight years, effective immediately.

In light of this glorious event, we would like to further tarnish Mr.Blatter’s already shattered reputation. Here’s a list of some of the most outrageously offensive remarks that Blatter made during his tenure as the head of FIFA.

  • On women’s football

Back in 2004, Blatter made a comment that would make modern day feminists take up arms and invade Switzerland.

“Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts.”

Talk about objectifying women.


  • On allegations of John Terry having an affair with Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend

“If this had happened in let’s say Latin countries then I think he would have been applauded.”



  •  Sexism at FIFA congress

In 2013, at a FIFA congress, Blatter had this to say to the women attending the meeting.

“Any ladies in this room? Say something ladies! You are always speaking at home. Now you can speak here.”


  • On match fixing scandals in the Serie-A

Blatter gave his most dignified and logical remarks after being questioned on the several match-fixing scandals that hit Italian football.

“I could understand it if it had happened in Africa but not in Italy.”


  • On gay rights in Qatar

It’s no suspense how archaic the laws on homosexuality are in the Middle East. But instead of taking a stand on the issue, here’s what the leader of the world’s greatest sport had to say:

“I’d say they should refrain from any sexual activities.”







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